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L.I. Man Charged With Attacking Father, Beating Dog With Bat

L.I. Man Charged With Attacking Father, Beating Dog With Bat
Article from CBS Local:

Steven Errante is charged with beating a dog with a baseball bat on Long Island. (Credit: Suffolk County Police)

DIX HILLS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island man appeared in court Saturday, on charges that he broke his father’s ribs with a baton and then beat the family dog with a baseball bat.

As WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported, prosecutors in Suffolk County said Steven Errante, 26, first used a baton on his father and broke his father’s ribs. At least a day afterward, he attacked the family dog with a baseball bat and beat her so severely that she ended up having to be euthanized, prosecutors said.

Suffolk County police were called this past Sunday to 800 Deer Park Ave. in Dix Hills, after someone saw the Labrador mixed breed with serious injuries.

The female dog had suffered fractures to her head and face, trauma to her body, and a broken front leg, police said. Police took the dog to an emergency veterinary clinic, an…………………continues on CBS Local

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Whatever happened to … ? LilyAnn Hill, girl who needed a therapy dog
Raising the $ 13,000 to buy and train the dog and fence the Hill's yard was the largest effort ever undertaken by Give Naked, a local organization that solicits donations for charitable needs in Chelan. A host of school and community groups contributed …
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Stranded dog in Ben Lomond rescued with hot dogs, waders

Stranded dog in Ben Lomond rescued with hot dogs, waders
Article from Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Click photo to enlarge

Jake Langdon helps rescue a lost Labrador Retriever on Thursday in Ben Lomond. (Contributed)

BEN LOMOND — A lost dog is back with its family thanks to residents in a Ben Lomond neighborhood.

On Thursday, residents in the near the 9000 block of Mill Street heard the dog crying for help around 6 a.m., said Todd Stosuy, field services manager for animal services.

One resident found the source: a black Labrador retriever stranded on a small piece of land at the edge of the San Lorenzo River near the homes.

The resident called the Santa Cruz County Animal Services and shelter officials arrived around 2 p.m.

“What we surmised happened is that there’s a pathway that leads down to the river and the dog probably walked down to the river to get a drink or something and it mu…………………continues on Santa Cruz Sentinel
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The Most Amazing Dog Stories Of 2013 In Pictures (And GIFs)
Article from Huffington Post:

Wow. So many dog stories happened in 2013 that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Here are some that left us howling for more.

  • Buddy The Corgi Rode A Twisty Slide
    Over. And over. And over.
  • Liberty Brought Home A Surprise
    It was a Huffington Post

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Dog-to-English translator funded on Indiegogo

Dog-to-English translator funded on Indiegogo
Article from Fox News:

A new dog-to-English translator for those who want to talk to the animals and have them talk back has now been fully funded for development.

No More Woof needed $ 10,000 in funding to get it off the ground — a target exceeded by $ 5,000 already with two months still to go on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

The technology uses a headset to measure brain activity through lightweight electroencephalography (EEG) and translates the mental states they read there.

‘The first version will be quite rudimentary. But hey, the first computer was pretty crappy too.’

– The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery

The technology has been around for a few years and there are similar versions already around.

No More Woof is in the early stages of development but the company claims it has already translated canine thoughts such as suspicion of a strange.

“Some of the most easily detected neural patterns are: ‘I’m tired’, ‘I’m curious who that is’ and ‘I’m excited,'” the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery writes on its Indiegogo page. “To be completely honest, the first version will be quite rudimentary. But hey, the first computer was pretty crappy too.”

The translation will be heard from a gramophone-like plastic trumpet attached to the h…………………continues on Fox News
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Dog Center Europe treats soldiers — the canine kind — injured in war
Article from Stars and Stripes:

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — It was a warm, sunny day in July when Tomi sprang from the back of a van like a jack-in-the-box.

He’s a bomb-sniffing dog, a high-energy Belgian Malinois. The only obvious sign of the shrapnel wound he had suffered the week before in Afghanistan was the red, white and blue cast on one of his hind legs, which thudded on the pavement as he bounced around to check out the people who were here to meet him. They were all surprised. They thought he’d come in on a stretcher.

It’s usually hard to tell what’s wrong with a dog when it arrives at Dog Center Europe, said Capt. Catherine Cook, an Army veterinarian and officer in charge of the working dog ward.

“Sometimes it’s really bad,” she said. “Sometimes, you’re just like, ‘Oh.’ ”

Tomi was an “Oh,” case. His ears were up, his tongue was out. He looked like he wanted to play.

But he also smelled like a urinal. Lying sedated in a kennel at Bagram Airfield, he had let himself go and didn’t know it.

Nobody mentioned his unfortunate smell as he was led into the examination room, nuzzling dog handlers and veterinarians and vet techs who treated him with the same reverence and care they would afford any other soldier injured in war.

…………………continues on Stars and Stripes
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Chechnya's Strongman President Loses Dog, Is Reunited After Instagram Appeal
Just this week, the Kremlin-backed Chechen President was forced to turn to his followers when he had a big problem: He had lost his dog. On Wednesday, Kadyrov posted that his Caucasian shepherd, named Tarzan, had "left the residence in Grozny under …
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Stray dog in Richland rescued for Christmas after three years of eluding capture

Stray dog in Richland rescued for Christmas after three years of eluding capture
Article from Kalamazoo Gazette – MLive.com:

RICHLAND, MI – A dog known as Baby Girl by the people around town who fed her is spending Christmas Day in a warm foster home after finally allowing herself to be captured.

According to a news release from Richland Animal Rescue, the dog, abandoned as a puppy, was a familiar sight around town, where local businesses and individuals offered food,water, and shelter for almost three years.

Although the dog was friendly, and played with other animals, for three years the dog eluded all attempts at capture.

But on his way to church Sunday, Dec. 22, the morning after the ice storm, Robert Nash of Kalamazoo, a retired veterinarian, noticed Baby Girl  huddled in a doorway of an area business. He called his son-in-law and daughter, Dan and Amy Libey of Richland, to come help him try again to catch the dog. This time they succeeded, and took her to their home until they could find a rescue to take her in. 

 Suzanne Brockway, an area pet sitter and Jackie Bullard, who volunteers with another local rescue, were delighted at the news.

“I feel, due to the conditions Robert found Baby Girl in, the cold and elements would have taken her, ” Brockway said…………………continues on Kalamazoo Gazette – MLive.com
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The Dog Days of Christmas
Article from Daily Beast:
Meet Butters, the Golden Retriever Who Doubles as Christmas Model – The Daily Beast Daily Beast
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Injured dog gets permanent home in time for Christmas
The thin, injured dog was found roaming in Sevierville when a family took her to the vet. The dog is older and one leg has been amputated but one woman stepped up to give the injured dog a home just in time for Christmas. As an early Christmas gift for …
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Dog saying goodbye to his dying master: Story behind viral image

Dog saying goodbye to his dying master: Story behind viral image
Article from Los Angeles Times:
At first glance, the image seems quizzical. A dog on a hospital bed? Huh? But a closer look reveals a haunting image that won’t soon be forgotten: A faithful pup saying goodbye to his master as he lay dying in his hospital bed.

It was an image that stopped the Internet in its tracks this week after Evan Smith, 21, of Danvers, Mass., posted it on Reddit. It has since been shared, tweeted, written about and commented on thousands upon thousands of times.

And thousands upon thousands of strangers have opened their wallets to help the terminally ill man’s family with its ballooning bills.

PHOTOS: Christmas decorations from around the globe

We contacted Smith to find out more about the heartbreaking image. Here’s what he told us:

The man in the hospital bed is Mike Petrosino, 21, of Beverly, Mass. He was 13 when he was first diagnosed with metastatic Los Angeles Times

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Having a dog — even a dirty one — may help fend off allergies in young children
Article from Washington Post:

Dogs that bring outdoor dust into the house might actually be doing a favor for babies in the home. Research suggests that exposure to doggy dust imparts immune protection to infants. A study of mice shows that the benefits derive from microbes in the dust that enter the intestines and improve the microbial mix, steering the immune system toward fighting disease and away from initiating allergic reactions.

The findings present a microbial twist in the hygiene hypothesis, which argues that a less-than-sanitary early life may prime a child’s immune system against overreacting to grass, dust mites and other ordinary substances. Past studies suggested that babies exposed to multiple siblings, day care, pets or farm living grow up to have less risk of asthma or allergy.

(Bigstock) – The dust that a dog brings into the home may steer a child’s immune system toward fighting disease and away from initiating allergic react…………………continues on Washington Post

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Newberry County officials search for law enforcement dog
NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC — A German shepherd K-9 dog has been found dead after he and another dog escaped from their enclosure over the weekend. The dog, who was with the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department, was struck by a car Monday night.
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ONIONS! featuring my new dog and potential No. 1’s

ONIONS! featuring my new dog and potential No. 1’s
Article from SB Nation:

This was supposed to post on Friday like every week, but the Internet went kerplunk. This point will be mentioned at least once in this article.


The last time we discussed my mission to get a dog, I had found a dog online at a local shelter that seemed great. Well, for whatever reason, that dog shelter never replied to me about my desire to adopt said dog, so I began looking at other shelters.

This past Thursday, I went to one, and they had a puppy I thought was awesome. However, to make sure the person adopting the dog owns the stuff required to take care of a dog, the shelter required I leave with a crate, dog food, and a variety of other things which I clearly could not have taken home on the subway by myself. So I told the shelter lady I’d borrow my parents’ car and show up the next morning as soon as they opened, and she told me she looked forward to seeing me.

But the way the shelter lady greeted me the next morning told the whole story. She was so sorry, but another family had shown up a few hours after I left and claimed that adorable puppy for their own. She said, she had another dog…………………continues on SB Nation
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Dogs Rescued From Icy Lakes Will Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes For …
Article from Huffington Post:

We’ve got an easy recipe for a holiday cocktail called Christmas Tears: One part howling dog, one part frozen lake, and one part heroic effort by firefighters. Mix well.

We got sand in our eyes when we saw a video shared by MSN this morning of a dog…………………continues on Huffington Post

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Dog Center Europe treats soldiers injured in war — the canine kind
Tomi, a military working dog, is stabilized in a special cushion while he's X-rayed. His handler, Spc. Michael Plemmons, is an infantryman by trade but volunteered to be a dog handler in Afghanistan. He likes the job so much, he got the symbol for it …
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Bella, Max top list of most popular dog names in 2013

Bella, Max top list of most popular dog names in 2013
Article from USA TODAY:


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Joe Namath’s daughter reunited with long-missing dog
Article from New York Post:

A small Shih Tzu that belongs to Jets legend Joe Namath’s daughter was returned after it went missing five years ago.

The small brown dog, named Tula, wandered out of Jessica Namath’s Florida backyard five years ago and was all but gone until Namath got a phone call on Wednesday.

“I’ve got a weird question for you,” the caller said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “Are you missing a dog?”

Michael Cecere said he found the dog whimpering outside of his house and took it to a vet and found it had a tracking chip.

Cecere then found a number for Namath, ending the five-year long separation of the two.

An overjoyed Namath said she had checked everywhere for the pup — knocking doors, kayaking canals, posting a $ 2,000 reward, and even going to three psychics.

The dog was finally returned on Thursday.

“I could hear her jaw drop over the phone,” Cecere told the paper about the reunion call.

Namath later found out that Tula had been taken in by another owner who also lost the dog pver the past five years.

…………………continues on New York Post
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Dog tags came with second surprise (VIDEO)
After last week's series of events, that's not even a question for Westford's Susan Boudreau-Davis and Dracut's Mike Chouinard. Thanks to Chouinard, she has her late father's long-lost World War II dog tags. But that wasn't the only surprise: The pair …
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BEHOLD THE FUTURE: Dog Translator Available for Pre-order

BEHOLD THE FUTURE: Dog Translator Available for Pre-order
Article from TIME:
Don’t you sass me, Gilligan.


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Therapy dogs: ‘Perfect medicine’ to help students survive finals
Article from CNN:

CanineAssistants, an Alpharetta, Georgia-based nonprofit group, brings therapy dogs-in-training to help Emory University students with finals stress.
An Emory student crashes while studying for finals. Studies show excessive stress can impair memory.
To become certified, the dogs must master 90 commands and maintain a total sense of calm.

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Big White Dog Vs. Little Grey Kitten Vs. Your Heart (VIDEO)
An itty bitty kitten named Iben really wants to play with the big dogs, but he might be getting ahead of himself. Eight-week-old Iben has made friends with a 1-year-old White Swiss Shepherd named Navarro, but in the video above, we see that the …
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‘A time to rejoice’: Blind man can keep hero dog, thanks to donations

‘A time to rejoice’: Blind man can keep hero dog, thanks to donations
Article from Today.com:

On the show

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After subway fall, Cecil Williams will keep his guide dog, thanks to donors
Article from Christian Science Monitor:
Online donors give at least $ 100,000 so that Orlando, a soon-to-retire guide dog who jumped onto subway tracks to protect Cecil Williams from an oncoming MTA train in New York, can stay with his owner as a pet.

An online fundraising campaign has raised enough money to allow a New York City man and his soon-to-retire guide dog to stay together.

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The pair came to public attention earlier this week in dramatic fashion, after a near-miss with a subway train. When Cecil Williams lost consciousness and fell off a subway platform and onto the tracks, his seeing-eye dog, Orlando, jumped after his owner, according to Associated Press reports. A northbound A-train rumbled toward the pair on the tracks of the 125th Street station, and both man and dog ducked, as the first two cars went over them before coming to a ha…………………continues on Christian Science Monitor

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Donations allow blind man to keep the dog that saved him
Cecil Williams says that it was a miracle and angels help save him, after the blind man lost consciousness and tumbled with his guide dog in front of an oncoming New York City train subway track. By Christina Caron, NBC News. NEW YORK — A blind man …
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Ind. Family Trying to Get Back Dog Lost in Tornado

Ind. Family Trying to Get Back Dog Lost in Tornado
Article from ABC News:

An Indiana woman whose dog vanished when a tornado struck her family’s home last month says a person who adopted the dog from an animal shelter six days later refuses to return him.

Kyla Robinson’s beloved dog, Rosco, went missing Nov. 17 when a tornado badly damaged her family’s home in Mellott, a small town 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis, while they were attending a baby shower.

The day after the twister, a man spotted Rosco wandering without tags about 45 miles from home and brought him to the Clinton County Humane Society.

A woman adopted Rosco from the shelter five days later, and she has refused to return him to the Robinsons.

Robinson has been working with an attorney in hopes of getting the canine back. She said her 10-year-old daughter, Madison, is upset that the pooch has been found but can’t come home.

“We had something horrible happen to us, and it just sucks that we can’t have him home. … Hopefully these people will have a heart and give him back,” Robinson told the Journal & Courier ( http://on.jconline.com/IRHqWs ).

ABC News
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[UPDATE] Blind Man And Dog Survive Being Run Over By Subway Train At …
Article from Gothamist:

(David Torres)

[Updates below, including a photo of the dog!] An unidentified man fell onto the trackbed with his dog and survived being run over by a train at the A/B/C/D subway station at West 125th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. An FDNY spokesman confirmed that the man was rescued from the tracks shortly before 10 a.m., and was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition. The MTA doesn’t have any details yet, and the NYPD would only say that an injured man was removed from the tracks, but one witness tweeted from the scene:

Reached by phone, witness Ashley Prenza said she was standing on the downtown platform when she saw a blind man and his seeing eye dog topple over the platform’s edge and onto the tracks. “He was just walking toward the yellow line and all of a sudden and we heard him say, ‘Oh no!’ and slip and fall onto the tracks,” Prenza told us. “Everyone started scattering to find someone to help him. Someone ran upstairs to find an MTA employee, and others were looking to see if any trains were approaching. The employee told him to stay still. We heard the train coming and everyone started screaming to try and stop the train, but it didn’t slow down.”

According to Prenza, “Everyone turned away at that point because we couldn’t bear to look. The…………………continues on Gothamist
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'Family Guy': Brian the dog returns from the dead
Let's call it the least shocking plot twist of the year: Brian Griffin, the intelligent dog on Fox's long-running animated comedy "Family Guy" returned to the show on Sunday, ending three weeks of fan mourning. The episode, "Christmas Guy," revealed …
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