Owner of Colorado dog sled business charged with animal cruelty

Owner of Colorado dog sled business charged with animal cruelty
Article from CNN:

Dan MacEachen, the owner of a dog sledding operation in Snowmass Village, Colorado, faces eight counts of animal cruelty.
  • Dan MacEachen faces eight counts of animal cruelty
  • He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday
  • His attorney questions the motives of MacEachan’s critics

(CNN) — The front page of the website for Krabloonik, a dog sled operation near Aspen, Colorado, shows healthy, happy-looking dogs pulling a sled through snow.

A white dog seems almost to smile — mouth gaping open — as the team turns a tight corner.

Contrast that image with those recently released by state authorities, who inspected the business in December after repor…………………continues on CNN
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This Man Kept Waking Up Late Because His Dog Learned How to Hit the …
Article from TIME:

What’s the newest excuse for being late to work? “My dog hit the snooze button.”

One YouTube user kept sleeping through his alarm and waking up late and didn’t know why. Then he caught his boxer Kermit hitting the snooze button on his alarm clock.

What Kermit doesn’t know is that hitting the snooze button can actually jerk you awake from a deep sleep, meaning you’ll be groggier when you finally get up, according to an explainer video from AsapSCIENCE. It’s best to just set your alarm clock for later so you don’t need a snooze button. But neuroscientist Kenneth Wright noted that cognition is “worst near habitual wake time.” Your impaired thinking might just cause you to make the bad decision of hitting the button one more time.

Try explaining that to a dog, though.

…………………continues on TIME
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