Avonte may have drowned after running from dog: sources

Avonte may have drowned after running from dog: sources
Article from New York Post:

He may have died facing his two greatest fears — dogs and water.

Missing autistic teen Avonte Oquendo was seen running from a dog at a nearby park right after he slipped out of his Queens school, and he likely fell into the East River in his panic, law-enforcement sources told The Post Friday.

The drowning scenario is the top theory for Avonte’s disappearance and was further substantiated when body parts and clothing believed to be Avonte’s were found 11 miles up-river from the park, on a beach in northern Queens.

“He had a huge fear of dogs and was seen running from one” in Hunter’s Point South Park, a short walk from his school, the source told The Post of the mute, timid 14-year-old.

“He may have run in a panic and fallen into the water,” of which he was also terrified, the source said.

The final surveillance video of Avonte shows him leaving his school in Long IslandCity and walking ­toward the riverfront park.

On Thursday night, a left arm and two legs — still inside their jeans and sneakers — along with pieces of a torso were discovered washed up off of College Point by a 19-year-old ­photography student.

The waterlogged size-5¹/₂ Nike Air Jordan sneakers and size-16 black jeans and striped shirt, both from Old Navy, all recovered from the remains site, match what Avonte was wearing when he went missing on Oct. 4,…………………continues on New York Post
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Animal activists turn out in support of Buddy the dog at Alamo rally
Article from San Antonio Express:

SAN ANTONIO — The fate of Buddy the Dog continued to tug on the heartstrings of South Texans on Saturday and prompted a rally by animal rights activists in front of the Alamo.

About a hundred people called on city officials to revise its animal control laws and fulfill its promise to implement a “no kill” policy at its animal shelters.

The symbol for their demands is Buddy, a 6-year-old Labrador mix whose fate is still in limbo after he was quarantined in November for reportedly biting a 9-year-old girl whose injuries required surgery.

Buddy was released Thursday to a veterinarian clinic, but has not been released to his owner, Homer Mojica, 83.

Demonstrators at the Alamo wore red shirts emblazoned with the phrase, “Stop the Injustice, Free Buddy Now.”

They yelled demands that the dog be released to his owner and urged the removal of the municipal judge who had ordered the city to euthanize the dog.

“What happened to Buddy can happen to any of our pets,” said San Antonio Express
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Looking for a Buddy? Dog saved from blizzard, cold needs a home
Because they have a dog of their own, and because the found dog has some behavior issues, they are keeping the dog in their garage until they can find him a permanent home. The pooch, whom they have named Buddy, appears to be a young pit bull and …
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