Pittsburgh police dog has ‘difficulty’ after surgery following Lawrenceville …

Pittsburgh police dog has ‘difficulty’ after surgery following Lawrenceville …
Article from Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Rocco, a Pittsburgh police dog stabbed Tuesday night in Lawrenceville, underwent two surgeries and multiple blood transfusions Wednesday, and a veterinarian described his condition as “considerably more stable” though still critical.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty. It doesn’t mean he won’t be well, there’s just a lot of uncertainty,” said Anthony D. Pardo, co-owner and surgeon at the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Ohio Township.

Police said a man they were trying to take into custody Tuesday on four outstanding warrants plunged a knife into Rocco, going through 6 inches of muscle, Mr. Pardo said, then pushed it 3 to 4 inches deeper, lacerating the dog’s kidney and causing major blood loss.

By Wednesday night, police spokeswoman Diane Richard said, “He is still holding his own right now.” Mr. Pardo said Rocco was more alert, had a good blood pressure and had stopped bleeding.

“Lots of things can go right, but lots of things can go wrong,” he said, adding that Rocco will undergo a relatively minor surgery in another four to five days.

Three officers, including the dog’s handler, suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the ordeal and are expected to recover. An Allegheny County sheriff’s deputy also was assaulted in an attempt to arrest the suspect, John Rush, 21, of Stowe.

Rush is being held in the Alleg…………………continues on Pittsburgh Post Gazette
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Rescued dog gets prosthetic leg from Orlando company
Article from Orlando Sentinel:
Rescued pit bull whose paw was cut off receives prosthetic leg.

“Lucky” might not be the first word you’d use to describe a dog left abandoned, starving and abused in a rough neighborhood near Miami — a dog whose front paw had been cut off.

But on Wednesday, the year-old pooch trotted happily on her new plastic and carbon-fiber limb, seeming quite pleased with the odd path her life has taken.

In only her first year, “Little” Debbie — a now-65-pound, gray-and-white pit bull named after the snack-food treats — has gone from abused pup to media darling, earning the attention of the staff of and dog-lovers across the country who wanted to help her.

“She’s lucky,” say…………………continues on Orlando Sentinel

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Chase, loyal dog, is settling into a new home in Akron
Nancy Althouse, who had rescued Chase from a bad living situation some eight years ago and adopted him to the Murphys, announced last week that the heroic dog needs a new home. That triggered hundreds of calls, both to Althouse and this newspaper, …
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