Dogs can detect emotion in human voices, study shows

Dogs can detect emotion in human voices, study shows
Article from Fox News:

Think your dog can tell when you’re feeling sad or happy? You may be right.

Dogs are sensitive to cues of emotion in human voices, according to a new study from Current Biology. Researchers suspect the area of the brain responsible for voice and sounds in both dogs and humans evolved at the same time, 100 million years ago, when the two species shared common ancestors.

“Dogs and humans share a similar social environment,” Attila Andics, of MTA-ELTE Comparative Ethology Research Group in Hungary, said in a press release. “Our findings suggest that they also use similar brain mechanisms to process social information. This may support the successfulness of vocal communication between the two species.”

For their study, researchers trained 11 dogs to sit still in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner. The researchers than analyzed the brain activity of both dogs and humans as they listened to 200 different dog and human sounds, ranging from crying to playful barking and laughing.

While the brains of both dogs and humans responded most strongly to noises produced by their own species, they processed emotionally-loaded sounds in similar ways. For example, both species experienced a greater activation of the brain’s primary auditory cortex when hearing happy sounds.

Some differences were noted…………………continues on Fox News
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US Bobsled Official Gets Approval to Adopt Sochi Stray Dog
Article from Bloomberg:

Amanda Bird, a spokeswoman for the American bobsled and skeleton team at the Sochi Winter Games, will be bringing home a stray puppy from a dog shelter in the Russian city after the adoption was approved.

Bird, who was a competitive bobsled and skeleton athlete for more than 10 years, visited a shelter earlier this week and will bring a home a pup, she said by text message today. She plans to name the dog “Sochi” after the Black Sea resort town hosting Russia’s first Winter Olympics.

During the opening days of the winter games, organizers drew criticism from athletes and visitors for the city’s cull of stray dogs. Olympic silver-medalist Gus Kenworthy said he was planning to adopt a family of stray dogs that have been living outside media center at the Games’ Mountain Cluster.

Volnoe Delo, a charity foundation set up by Deripaska, chief executive officer and a shareholder of United Co. Rusal, opened Sochi’s first dog shelter, called PovoDog, a play on the Russian word for “leash,” to help…………………continues on Bloomberg

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