Shelter dog placed in foster home until fate determined in court

Shelter dog placed in foster home until fate determined in court
Article from Columbus Dispatch:

The Knox County dog shelter decided to euthanize Fletcher after he nipped a girl while they were playing at the shelter.

For months, Cody Jackson and his 7-year-old daughter have visited Fletch at the dog shelter. The plan was to adopt him after Jackson closed on a house.

But then Fletch got into trouble — nipping a girl on the finger during play time at the shelter — and the dog warden decided to put him down, and now it’s all going to court for a judge to decide.

This afternoon, Jackson, 41, of Mount Vernon, testified on behalf of Fletch, a 2-year-old mixed-breed dog who has been at the Knox County Animal Shelter for seven months.

Local dog lovers and members of the Underdog Society, a Knox County social-media rescue group, intervened and blocked Fletch’s euthanization, scheduled for yesterday. They rallied at the courthouse today while Mount Vernon Municipal Court Judge Paul Spurgeon considered the dog’s fate.

Spurgeon ordered Fletch, who was in the courtroom, be placed in a foster home while his future is sorted out.

More than a week ago, Fletch nipped a girl on the hand while the two were playing at the shelter. After a 10-day quarantine, shelter volunteer Justine Kight said, Knox County dog warden Jordan Barnard decided to euthanize the dog.

“He surprised all the volunteers,” s…………………continues on Columbus Dispatch
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It’s Reunion Day For Soldier And His Dog
Article from Here And Now:


It’s HERE AND NOW. And now news from Afghanistan. The Taliban is claiming responsibility for that attack on a luxury hotel in Kabul last night. Four gunmen came into the hotel, pulled out pistols and started firing. Nine people were killed, including an Afghan journalist, his wife and two children, who were eating dinner. Here’s a spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: At 9 o’clock, they started shooting on some of the personnel of the hotel. We got information right away, and we sent our police commander forces, and there was an operation going on.

YOUNG: The four attackers were eventually killed, and the shooting spree was the latest in a series of high-profile attacks by militants as they step up a campaign of violence ahead of the April 5 elections. Well, that’s the latest news. Our next guest knows a thing or two about violence in Afghanistan. Army Specialist Nathaniel Korpusik served there in 2013, and he had a constant companion, a German shepherd named Zino. Zino detected improvised explosive devices, and he was darn good at it. In fact as a team, Zino and Nate were more successful finding IEDs than many other teams.

But Nate came home without Zino because of course Zino belonged to the military, and until recently he didn’t know what happened to him. And that’s where Carol Clark enters this…………………continues on Here And Now
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Royal Oak woman walking dog attacked by 2 pit bull mix dogs
The attack happened about 3 p.m. Tuesday while the woman was walking her Maltese mix dog in the 200 block of Euclid Street, just east of Main Street and south of 12 Mile Road. “A neighbor assisted the woman, who was yelling and crying,” Royal Oak …
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