Central Park Drinking Fountain Doubles As Dog Bidet

Central Park Drinking Fountain Doubles As Dog Bidet
Article from Gothamist:

(Emily Leisz Carr)

Why pay a fortune to have a professional dog groomer shampoo your four-legged beast when Central Park is already filled with dozens of little sinks, perfectly adapted for scrubbing your pet’s anus? Like petite puppy bidets, the push of a button sends a cool burst of water arcing upward—you may have seen other park goers use the stream for their mouths to quench their thirst on a hot day! But you will use them to scrape fecal matter from your dog’s matted butt fur.

Emily Leisz Carr witnessed the above appalling scene on Tuesday evening, near the park’s softball fields. There were actually two dogs present, the other of which was left to drag its leash listlessly about while its owner set to the task of deep cleaning its pal’s rectum. (Asked whether she was washing the whole dog, Carr specified that it was distinctly “butt oriented.”) It wasn’t until another dog owner approached the woman, several minutes into her session, to yell at her about “hygiene” and “human people put their faces there” that she seemed to realize her behavior was in any way questionable.

Carr said The Washer appeared nonplussed, assuring the woman that it was “OK” and that she would “clean it up.” She scoured on for another few minutes—it’s to…………………continues on Gothamist

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Chino Hills Kids Capture Disturbing Dog Beating on Camera; Man Charged
Article from KTLA:

Two quick-thinking Chino Hills children have been credited with saving the life of a three-year-old dog after they videotaped a man beating the animal for 10 minutes, an animal welfare organization announced this week.

A dog could be seen being beaten in a videotape shot by two Chino Chills children. (Credit: Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA)

The incident, which occurred in late May, began when a family heard a dog crying out in pain. The family went to their window and saw a female Cocker Spaniel being beaten by a man, a news release from the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA stated.

Two kids immediately grabbed their camera and began videotaping the beating while the mom called the Humane Society & SPCA to report the incident, according to the release.

The video showed the man hitting the dog with what appeared to be some sort of stick. The heartbreaking cries of the dog could also be heard as she desperately tried to get away from the man abusing her.

“I’m sorry doggie,” one of the kids could be heard whispering as he watched in horror at what was unfolding.

A sh…………………continues on KTLA
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California mayor caught dropping load of dog poop on neighbor’s lawn

California mayor caught dropping load of dog poop on neighbor’s lawn
Article from New York Daily News:

KNBC San Marino, Calif., Mayor Dennis Kneier was caught on surveillance camera leaving a bag of dog feces on his neighbor’s property, police said.

A small town mayor in California is lending truth to the association people make between politicians and crap.

Dennis Kneier, mayor of San Marino — a wealthy city in southern California — was caught on camera leaving a bag of dog feces on his neighbor’s doorstep, police told NBC Los Angeles.

Kneier apparently placed a plastic bag of the gross substance on the private walkway of his neighbor’…………………continues on New York Daily News
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Woooof? Confused cow thinks she’s a dog
Article from CBS News:
Milkshake the cow likes to hang out with the canine crowd. CBS Sacramento

EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. — Mooooove over, pups! When a pack of dogs comes running at the Grace Foundation ranch, it’s a safe bet that Milkshake the cow will be among them.

Milkshake usually hangs out with the dogs, as CBS Sacramento reports, because she thinks she’s a dog.

Milkshake was saved from an abusive owner four years ago by the Grace Foundation, an animal rescue organization in El Dorado County.

And every time Milkshake appears, it brings all the dogs to the yard.

“I think a lot of people think it’s like a trick,” the foundation’s Beth DeCaprio said.

As DeCaprio walked along the ranch’s grounds with a reporter, she was followed by a number of dogs — and Milkshake.

“She hung out with the dogs, so I think that’s what she assumed–that’s what she is, more than a cow,” DeCaprio said.</…………………continues on CBS News

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Cops: Woman, disabled girl and dog found slain in Waukegan

Cops: Woman, disabled girl and dog found slain in Waukegan
Article from Chicago Tribune:

The bodies of a woman, disabled girl, and dog were found dead in their Waukegan home around 6:15 p.m. Sunday. (Posted June 9, 2014)

A Waukegan man has been charged with killing his wife and disabled 17-year-old daughter before injuring himself by cutting his wrists, authorities said.

Anthony Marcus, 53, was ordered held this morning at Lake County Jail on $ 5 million bail, according to Cynthia Trujillo-Vargas, a spokeswoman for the state’s attorney’s office.

Police found the woman, girl and a dog dead in a Waukegan townhome after police got a 911 call from a man who said he had just killed his family and was going to kill himself, authorities said.

Authorities have not released the identity of the child but Trujillo-Vargas identified the dead woman as Sun Marcus, 50.

When officers arrived at the home in the 4100 block of Continental Drive, they found “what they believe to be a suicide note” on the porch, Waukegan Police Cmdr. Joe Florip said. Th…………………continues on Chicago Tribune

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Teach your dog to be well mannered
Article from WOODTV.com:

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) Sixty-two percent of Americans own some kind of pet, and among those pet owners, seven in ten own a dog. That means there’s a pretty big need out there for dog training and products to help take care of your dog. A spot that covers all of that, plus doggy daycare, agility training, and a whole lot more, is The Well Mannered Dog Center!

Training at the Well Mannered Dog Center is important because it teaches your dog leadership and safety and also makes them a comfort in your home. The Well Mannered Dog Center is branching out by partnering with the City of Wyoming to do dog classes in August and September. That schedule is still being set. They’re also working with Bryce Lichtig of Lichtig’s Canine Academy, which has a system for dogs that are a little more difficult to handle.

One thing to consider this time of year is heat stroke, which is common in dogs. Some signs to look out for are dry skin, a bright red tongue and pale gums, a temperature of more than 103 degrees, thick saliva, or even collapse or coma.

The Well Mannered Dog Center has everything you need to keep your dog healthy at their Forget Me Not store. You can find health items such as dietary supplements f…………………continues on WOODTV.com
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Meet Pig: ‘Half-dog’ wonder pup a big hit in hometown

Meet Pig: ‘Half-dog’ wonder pup a big hit in hometown
Article from fox8.com:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — She’s an unusual dog with an amazing story.

Pig was born with severe birth defects; she’s missing part of her spine and several ribs, according to the Alabama Media Group. Parts of her hips and joints also face the wrong directions.

But Pig is a big hit where she lives in Alabama, where she’s been called a “wonder dog.”

Her owner, Kim Dillenbeck, rescued her after she was born. A veterinarian recommended she be euthanized because of her defects.

But Dillenb…………………continues on fox8.com
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Carver Police Officer Dives Deep to Save Dog Submerged in Car
Article from Boston.com:

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but it’s not always just a one-way street.

Carver Police Officer David Harriman is racking up the accolades as an Internet hero this weekend, after diving under eight feet of murky water to save a dog trapped in a submerged car Saturday.

Carver Police Department

Its owner, Debra Titus, of Plymouth, and another pup were able to escape the pickup truck as it sank, though a second spooked pooch remained trapped underwater when officers arrived.

Harriman, described as an “avid dog lover” by the department, quickly gave his gun belt to his partner and dove into the water, managing to open the car door and retrieve the animal.

“The dog was returned to its owner in good health but a little frightened,” a statement from the department read.

An image of Harriman carrying the dog from the pond has Boston.com

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Shooter released after dog dispute ends in fatality

Shooter released after dog dispute ends in fatality
Article from Indianapolis Star:
Bill McCleery, bill.mccleery@indystar.com 10:59 p.m. EDT June 6, 2014

139 Indianapolis Star

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Video shows officers charging to rescue girl from dog attack
Article from WLWT Cincinnati:

Cincinnati police dash cam video shows, for the first time, exactly what happened and what police saw when officers were on the scene of a vicious pit bull attack that put 6-year-old Zaniabou Drame in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Drame’s grandfather Leslie McElrath Jr. told WLWT News 5 she is still in critical but stable condition and sedated. McElrath said she is on a feeding tube and doctors want her body to start healing before they start surgery.

Watch this story  |  Raw Video: Cruiser cameras capture fight to save girl from dogs

“The dog had her by the face so the dog pulled her skin off, they broke her jaw, her tongue is gone,” said McElrath.

Cincinnati police officer Kyle Strunk was one of four officers first on the scene from District 3.

Images from dash cam  |  WLWT Cincinnati
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2 jailed after neighbor was ‘eaten alive’ by pet dog

2 jailed after neighbor was ‘eaten alive’ by pet dog
Article from New York Post:

Two women have been jailed for a year after their neighbor was “literally eaten alive” by their hungry dog.

Hayley Sulley, 30, and Della Woods, 29, of Norris Green in Liverpool were at a barbecue when their presa canario crossbreed, Charlie, made his way into the backyard of the women’s retired neighbour, Clifford Clarke, 79.

The dog had not been fed for 45 hours and was eating plastic bowls, cigarette butts and drinking dirty water. Clarke, who had celebrated his birthday just the day before, was cooking lamb and had left his kitchen door open.

Clarke was attacked so badly, his left arm was amputated and the other one was “hanging by a thread.”

Neighbours said they tried getting the dog off Clarke as he sank his teeth into the man’s arm and dragged him around the backyard.

One neighbor described the dog as “snarling” and “foaming at the mouth” as Clarke kept yelling, “Get off of me.”

Police said that when they arrived, the dog was so crazed that he started eating the end of a rifle and even after being shot, got up and started attacking again.

In sentencing the two women, Judge Mark Brown said Clarke had “literally been eaten alive” and that both women would be banned from ever owning a dog again.

“Mr. Clarke suffered a horrific death and you have taken away from his family the love and companionship he would hav…………………continues on New York Post
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Michigan soldier reunited with service dog after 4 years apart
Article from WDIV Detroit:
ROMULUS, Mich. –

This is much more than a story about a man and his beloved Labrador. It’s about life and death.

Cpl. Jeff DeYoung, of Muskegon, survived deployment to Afghanistan while so many others did not. His dog Cena was always ahead of the pack, sniffing out danger — specifically IEDs.

“This dog saved my life. I trust him more than I trust most human beings,” said DeYoung.

Watch the reunion:

His wife Lindsey knows Cena is what brought her Marine home alive from war. Now, the couple has two young daughters and a third on the way.

“I don’t know what we would do without that dog,” said Lindsey. “Honestly, everything they’ve been through, everything, you know the fire fights … the dog saved my husband’s life.”

Four years ago, Cpl. DeYoung got off a plane and never saw his dog again. However, he never forgot their unbreakable bond while Cena battled more deployments.

“We slept together in fighting holes. We ate the same food. He drank out of my water system. I carried him across rivers. We had a hail storm and a dust storm and I had to cover myself on top of him,” said DeYoung. “I am so glad that he recognized me.”

That’s what makes this reunion so special. The anticipation caught the attention of strangers at Detroit Metro Airport who heard just a…………………continues on WDIV Detroit
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Marshall the Miracle Dog starts filming

Marshall the Miracle Dog starts filming
Article from KSDK:

The true life story of Marshall, an abused and neglected yellow Labrador, is something out of a Hollywood movie.

Leisa Zigman, KSDK 7:26 p.m. CDT June 3, 2014

86 continues on KSDK

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Metairie man accused of shooting dog that was caught copulating with his …
Article from The Times-Picayune:

Authorities arrested a Metairie man accused of shooting a dog he caught copulating with his purebred pet, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Randall Schexnayder, 51, was booked Friday (May 30) with aggravated cruelty to animals, said Col. John Fortunato, spokesman for the department. The wounded dog, a 4-year-old Labrador-mix named Raider, is expected to recover from two gunshot wounds to the muzzle and neck, according to his owner, Jim Hanley, 43. 

Hanley contacted the Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday (May 28) after the Raider escaped his Henican Place home when one of his children inadvertently left the front door unlatched. The dog returned a short time later without his collar and bleeding, according to a Sheriff’s Office incident report.

“He thought the dog had been hit by a vehicle,” Fortunato said.

But a veterinarian determined Raider had been shot. One bullet entered his muzzle and exited near his mouth. The other entered on the left side of his neck but did not exit, the incident report said.

continues on The Times-Picayune
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Dog dies locked in SUV at Phoenix mall – azcentral

Dog dies locked in SUV at Phoenix mall – azcentral
Article from Dog dies locked in SUV at Phoenix mall – azcentral:
Dog dies locked in SUV at Phoenix mall Dog dies locked in SUV at Phoenix mall – azcentral
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Dog poops on flight and forces emergency landing
Article from Fox News:

Passengers on a Philadelphia-bound US Airways flight last week had a crappy trip when a pet onboard went to the bathroom while the plane was airborne, forcing an emergency landing.

After waiting for two hours on the tarmac in Los Angeles, Flight 598 was going smoothly  last Wednesday until passengers started smelling something unusual.

“About an hour into the flight, I started smelling this terrible smell,” passenger Steve McCall told Inside Edition. “I look up the aisle way and there’s a dog pooping right in the middle of the aisle. It’s a big dog, three or four feet tall or long, and he was just going!”

Chris Law, another passenger present during the unfortunate accident, began tweeting about the incident.

The airline cabin crew cleaned up the mess, but anyone who has ever stepped in dog poo, knows it can leave a lingering stench.

“An hour later, it still smelled bad, and after they cleaned it all up, it pooped again,” McCall said. “A couple of people started dry-heaving, a couple of people were throwing up.”

To make matters worse, the cleaning crew ran out of cleaning supplies and finally the pilot ca…………………continues on Fox News
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Cat people are smarter than dog people, study says

Cat people are smarter than dog people, study says
Article from CNET:
What else is Carroll University going to study other than the various characteristics of those who choose dogs over cats? And vice versa.

A symbol of your advanced intelligence? IGTV/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I fear I may have found a more emotive subject that Apple vs. Samsung. Or Apple vs. Microsoft. Or just Apple.

For one of the world’s top academic institutions, Carroll University in Wisconsin, decided to tread into that cauldron of high dudgeon: cats vs. dogs.

I understand that, though some people have pets of both types, many take sides on this issue.

I can now say, with hand raised as if under oath, that those who say dogs make for the better pets are plainly lacking in intelligence.

Please, this is not my opinion. I have very few of those. This is the conclusion of a study that plumbed deep into the psyches of pet owners.

As Live Science reports, it…………………continues on CNET

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Owner jailed in Texas for shooting dog, abandoning pups
Article from KVUE:
WFAA 2:54 p.m. CDT June 1, 2014


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