NYC woman killed trying to save her dog

NYC woman killed trying to save her dog
Article from CBS News:

NEW YORK – A woman was fatally struck by a garbage truck Wednesday morning as she ran to save her beloved dog, CBS New York reported.

Jackie Haeflinger, 58, was run over and crushed in the horrific accident, which took place around 10 a.m. in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Haeflinger was walking Violet, an 8-year-old Boston terrier, when the dog somehow got off her leash. Violet ran into the street as the garbage truck was backing up.

Witnesses said the truck driver apparently did not see Haeflinger or hear his partner trying to get him to stop.

“It just happened so fast. I’m getting off my bike, and then turned. She’s reaching trying to grab her dog and she’s under the truck before you know it, and it was done,” witness Ed Sanders told CBS New York.

The confused little dog, who was not hurt, was found on the sidewalk only a few feet away from where her owner’s body lay in the middle of 15th Street.

Haeflinger’s friends were in shock.

“We’ve been friends for 35 years,” Robert Gioria said, putting his head in his hands.

Friends said Haeflinger would have done anything…………………continues on CBS News
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Family dog dies after being viciously attacked by pit bull in Bay Ridge
Article from New York Daily News:

A bloodthirsty pit bull that twice lunged at Labradors owned by a Bay Ridge family escaped a third time last week, fatally mauling one of the beloved pooches.

Anita Bolognese’s jaw dropped as she watched the pit bull charge her 4-year-old black Labrador Fiona outside of the family’s Harbor Lane home on June 26 and then rip into the defenseless dog’s neck while tethered to a metal fence.

“That dog needs to be destroyed,” said Bolognese, 53, who vowed to file a lawsuit against the pit bull’s owner, Ted Hamway, who lives directly across the street from the devastated family. “Because it destroyed me and my family and my dog.”

Mark Bonifacio/New York Daily News Anita Bolognese, pictured in her Bay Ride home, is devastated by the tragic death of the Bolognese’s precious dog Fiona. New York Daily News

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