Lab walks 30 miles to previous owner, who won’t take dog back

Lab walks 30 miles to previous owner, who won’t take dog back
Article from KCTV5 – KCTV Kansas City:

Lady has had a tough life in recent months, but a Florida heiress who loves animals is vowing to make the lab’s golden years truly happy.

The grizzled black lab made national headlines when she walked 30 miles to return home to owners who had given her up and refused to take her back.

As word spread on social media, heartbroken dog fans swamped the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter telephone line as they sought to adopt the older dog.

After learning of her plight, Wrigley Gum heiress Helen Rich Rosburg flew a private jet to Kansas on Thursday to whisk the dog to her Florida sanctuary for neglected animals.

The dog tale goes back to 2012. Lady, who has also been called Ma Kettle, saw her owner die in 2012. No one wanted the dog so she wound up at the shelter in Sedan, KS.

Shelter worker Kelsey Loyd told KWCH-TV Thursday that a family adopted Lady. She was living a good life, but was rough with the family’s puppy and didn’t get along well with little dogs.

So the family returned the dog to the shelter. Earlier this summer, a woman in Independence, KS, adopted Lady.

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Couple Whose Dogs Fatally Mauled Jogger Charged With Murder
Article from CBS Local:

LAPEER (WWJ/AP) – A couple whose two dogs fatally mauled a 46-year-old jogger on a rural Michigan road have been charged with murder.

Sebastiano Quagliata, 45, and Valbona Lucaj, 44, were arraigned Friday in Lapeer District Court on charges of second-degree murder and possessing a dangerous animal causing death.

Craig Sytsma, of Livonia, was out for a jog after work last Wednesday when he was attacked by two cane corso dogs in Metamora Township, about 45 miles northwest of Detroit. He later died from his wounds.

Authorities said was it the third attack by Quagliata and Lucaj’s dogs in the past two years. The couple was apparently breeding dogs at their property, officials said.

Bond was set at $ 500,000 each. They face live in prison if convicted.

Federal authorities say Quagliata and Lucaj are living in the U.S. illegally and were facing imminent deportation at the time of the attack, according to a report in the CBS Local
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