4-year-old mauled to death by a dog, or dogs, at family home in Goulds

4-year-old mauled to death by a dog, or dogs, at family home in Goulds
Article from MiamiHerald.com:

After spending the night at his dad’s South Miami-Dade home, 4-year-old Javon Dade Jr. wandered away Wednesday morning, setting off a panicky search and a call to police.

Twenty minutes later, police made a gruesome discovery: Javon had been mauled to death by dogs in the backyard of the Goulds home, his limp body found in the overgrown grass near a fence.

In the same yard: Two adult female terrier-boxer mixes, an adult male pit bull and three terrier-boxer mixed puppies between two and four months of age.

The young boy’s grandmother, Jocelyn Dade, collapsed, calling Javon a “beautiful child, my Pooka.”

Another woman, who declined to give her name, said she knew the child well as she sat crouched and crying near a chain-link fence several houses down from the incident.

“It’s so sad. I don’t understand,” she said.

Later Wednesday, police were interviewing Javon Dade Sr. to determine whether negligence was involved in the death of his son. Police said any decision on a criminal charge likely would come from the Miami-Dade state attorney.

Though owning a pit bull in Miami-Dade is against county ordinance and can carry a civil fine, it’s not likely to be applied in this case.

“It’s not going to accomplish anything,” said Kathy Labrada, who oversees shelter operations and enforcement at Miami-Dade…………………continues on MiamiHerald.com
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Dog Recovered After Being Stolen From Animal Shelter
Article from CBS Local:

CHICAGO (CBS) — A young dog stolen from a Chicago Heights animal shelter earlier this week has been recovered, safe and sound.

On Wednesday, three thieves went to the South Suburban Humane Society and walked away with a young dog named Cheeser.

WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports things were busy in the lobby, so no one noticed the young woman and two men who casually walked into the kennel.

CEO Emily Klehm said the trio asked a volunteer to show them a 10-month-old pitt bull mix named Cheeser.

Cheeser is safe and sound, according to a social media posting by the South Suburban Humane Society. (Facebook)

“She got him out of the cage for them to see him, and they ended up walking him out through a side door,” Klehm said.

Shelter volunteer Tony Konidaris tried to chase the suspects.

“They must have had a car waiting or something, got in, so it was like a split second thing,” he tells CBS 2’s Mike Parker. “Trust me, it’s probably better that I didn’t catch them.”

On Thursday afternoon, the Humane Society reported on its Facebook page that Cheeser had been recovered.

“After tirelessly focusing all of our energy, with the miraculous power of social media, and the efforts of multiple police departme…………………continues on CBS Local
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