#SaveBela dog gets reprieve from Utah animal sanctuary Owner’s will says …

#SaveBela dog gets reprieve from Utah animal sanctuary Owner’s will says …
Article from CNN:

  • #SaveBela started after the public learned a healthy Indiana dog might be euthanized
  • In her will, Bela’s late owner asked that the dog be put to sleep and laid to rest with her
  • A Utah animal sanctuary has agreed to take the dog

(CNN) — The Internet got its Christmas wish to #SaveBela.

Bela is now being sent to live at a Utah animal sanctuary. The Indiana German shepherd tugged at collective heartstrings last week when it was revealed he could be euthanized due to a stipulation in his late owner’s will.

But Bela will go to Best Friends Animal Society, the group revealed on its blog Tuesday.

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Dog chases ambulance carrying owner in Brazil
Article from UPI.com:

TAGUATINGA, Brazil, Dec. 24 (UPI) — A Brazilian emergency responder captured video of a loyal dog chasing the ambulance that was taking his owner to the hospital.

Celiomar Ferreira do Couto, 42, an emergency responder in Taguatinga, said he took video of the dog chasing the ambulance after the canine’s owner suffered a seizure.

He told Brazilian news outlet Globo the dog’s actions show “the love the animal has for the owner.”

Thew ambulance pulled over after a few moments and allowed the dog to join its owner, who do Couto said was conscious and aware of the canine’s presence.

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