Top 5 rarest breeds at Rose City Classic dog show (photos)

Top 5 rarest breeds at Rose City Classic dog show (photos)
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Of the 3,000 dogs featured at the Rose City Classic dog show, about 1/3 of the 175 breeds represented are considered rare, according to Patti Strand, organizer of the event.

Several of the rare breeds featured at the show are considered among breeders to be endangered, according to Strand. Breeds that lose their historic role are especially vulnerable, she said. “The fate of these breeds is in the hands of a small number of very dedicated breeders.”

These are the top five most rare breeds represented at the show, according to Strand:

1. Skye Terrier. Rush, the Skye Terrier who came to compete at the show, was automatically named best in his breed because, as its sole representative, he had no other competition. The breed originated off the west coast of Scotland, according to the American Kennel Club website. Queen Victoria had a thing for the breed, according to the site, which made them a popular pet in the 19th century.

2. Sussex Spaniel. There were only…………………continues on
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Dog saves another dog drowning in icy waters in Iowa
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Quick thinking and fast feet saved the life of a dog that nearly drowned after falling through thin ice in Iowa. But it wasn’t just humans responsible for rescuing the ailing pup, it was another dog.

“It was wore out. He didn’t have much longer,” said Matt Stark, who was on the rescue boat in Andalusia.

The black Labrador had fallen through the ice and into a water treatment plant. His fellow canine started barking to get someone’s attention.

Joe Dungan had just returned from lunch.

“The one black dog was running around and tried to get my attention. I think he was trying to tell me he was saving his friend. I looked over in this hole over here and the other dog was in the water trying to get out,” said Dungan, who called 911.

Rescuers pulled the struggling dog to safety and wrapped it in wool. Both dogs wore collars, but did not have tags, animal control officials said.

“Its a good thing that we got to him when we did,” said Byron Reynolds with animal control.

“Lucky dog. Maybe that’s his name,” Reynolds added.

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