Two people hospitalized after dog attack

Two people hospitalized after dog attack
Article from Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Two people were hospitalized Friday after a woman was attacked by neighborhood dogs in front of her northeast valley home, Las Vegas police said.

Police responded and fatally shot one of the dogs.

The call came in about 9:50 a.m. of four dogs that knocked down a 65-year-old woman in her front yard in the 900 block of Looking Glass Lane, near Bonanza Road and Sloan Lane.

Police said the woman suffered lacerations to her face and both arms and was taken to University Medical Center with severe injuries.

A next-door neighbor, who police said tried to intervene with a baseball bat, was bitten in the arm and also taken to University Medical Center. His condition is not known.

Two patrol officers each shot once at one of the dogs, police said. The dog died.

All of the dogs belonged to a neighbor who lived a few houses down from the woman. It was not immediately clear whether the owner will face any charges.

Police described the dogs as “pit bull and mixed breed.” Clark County Animal Control has placed the remaining three dogs in its custody.

Review-Journal photographer Bizu Tesfaye contributed to this report.

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Abused dog found trapped inside nailed-shut dog house in South Los Angeles
Article from KABC-TV:


Living under a piece of plastic on 83rd Street and Grand Avenue, Willis Rollins, a homeless man, thought he had seen it all: piles of trash, abandoned mattresses.

Then earlier this week, he spied a dog house left in a lane of traffic. What was inside left him disgusted.

“It’s inhumane,” Rollins said.

The dog house had been nailed shut. It sat for three days until a curious LAPD sergeant from 77th Street Station alerted a rescue group, Ghetto Rescue FFoundation. When they peered inside, two plaintive eyes looked back.

“He was just cowering in the back. His head was down. He was pushed so far into the wall. It was almost like he was trying to run, but there was nowhere else he could go. He just looked like a defeated dog,” said Alison Featherstone, who helped start the group.

The dog is a 3-year-old shepherd-chow mix, a muscular 57 pounds. Video shows the dog resisting an animal control officer, who had to pull hard to remove the dog from his crude refuge. Surprisingly, he didn’t nip, much less bark.

“He didn’t growl. He didn’t do anything,” Featherstone said.

His wounds reveal a painful history. His legs were bitten and some of the wounds were infected.

“They actually had to sedate him to shave him and clean the wounds,” Featherstone said.

The Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF) is a coaliti…………………continues on KABC-TV
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