Riders Say Dog Viciously Attacked Horses In Trabuco Canyon

Riders Say Dog Viciously Attacked Horses In Trabuco Canyon
Article from CBS Local:

TRABUCO CANYON (CBSLA.com) — Three women are trying to track down the owner of a dog that attacked their Icelandic horses during a ride Friday in O’Neill Regional Park, a popular hiking spot nestled in Trabuco Canyon.

Rider Sandie Weaver tells CBS2/KCAL9’s Laurie Perez that at around noon a large dog was running off leash when it came up and started biting the horses’ legs. She thinks it was a boxer-pitbull mix and weighed around 95 pounds.

She says the attack was unprovoked and went on for at least three minutes, with the riders trying to beat the dog off with crops while it bit the horses on the legs and neck.

Weaver says her horse, “Aska,” tried to fend off the dog as best it could but eventually whipped around to run up the hill, and she was thrown to the ground dangerously close to a cliff.

Her friend Helga Thordarson, of Trabuco Canyon, was atop her horse, “Tyr,” who was able to put a stop to the attack when it kicked the dog in the mouth. The horse suffered cuts to its legs.

The attack has left Weaver, who was fortunately wearing a helmet, badly bruised and with a possibly fractured wrist, she says.

The horses were treated by a veterinarian, who says during attacks like these it’s important to locate the dog and check for rabies.

The women say they found the dog’s owner on the trail but she gave t…………………continues on CBS Local
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Joyful reunion after family finds dog lost in accident
Article from WSB Atlanta:

The Franklin County family who lost their dog following a rollover car accident has been reunited with their 1-year-old German shepherd, Georgia.

Karen Love and her husband were bringing Georgia home to Atlanta when they were involved in a crash on Interstate 85 southbound near the Franklin-Banks county line. 

“All of a sudden Dan just said, ‘He is going to hit us’” Karen Love said.

The Loves’ SUV rolled over, and over and over.

“I know it happened, but it happened so fast the next thing I knew I was upside down,” Karen Love said.

A group of good Samaritans pulled the couple out of the truck, both unhurt. They held the driver of the offending vehicle, who was later charged with DUI, until highway patrol troopers arrived. 

After they took in what was happening, the Loves say their son Eric’s dog, Georgia, was nowhere to be found.

Saturday, they made the announcement on Facebook:

“Words cannot express the joy I have at this moment. My deepest appreciation goes out to everyone who has thought about us, prayed for us, looked with us, and now celebrates with us!

This is the day that The Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in i…………………continues on WSB Atlanta
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Officer shoots dog near elementary school

Officer shoots dog near elementary school
Article from WJXT Jacksonville:

A dog that had been roaming near Crystal Springs Elementary School on Friday was shot by a police officer at a home near the school, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Administrators at the Westside school on Hammond Boulevard called police about the dog, a pit bull, which had gotten loose from its home on Crystal Springs Road and was seen near the school bus stop.

The officers responding to the call found the dog and kept an eye on it while they waited for animal control to arrive. The dog walked down the sidewalk, and they followed it to its home.

When officers tried to approach the dog near the back fence, the dog turned and attempted to bite one officer’s hand.

“The officer took one step back, drew his service weapon, fired one round in a downward direction and apparently shot the dog in the upper jaw,” JSO Lt. Richard Elkins said. “The dog ceased the attack at that point in time (and) the officers withdrew.”

The owner of the dog is wondering why her dog had to be shot in the first place.

Susan Smith describes her pit bull as a big gray baby.

“He’s a big baby. A big baby. He thinks he’s about 5 pounds,” said Smith.

Brutus, 7, may not be small, but Smith said he’s never gotten out and never hurt anyone, whic…………………continues on WJXT Jacksonville
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A child and an adult who suffered dog-bite wounds were both taken to the hospital
Article from Sun Sentinel:

When a dog pounced on a boy and began biting him, the child’s relatives and a neighbor rushed to the boy’s aid, witnesses say.

They beat the dog with a skateboard, broom and belt — anything they could find — to stop the animal Saturday afternoon. Yet the canine was difficult to fend off. The attack sent the boy and an adult relative, both of whom suffered bite wounds, to the hospital.

…………………continues on Sun Sentinel

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‘Abandoned’ Dog Chasing Pickup Truck to Be Up for Adoption Soon

‘Abandoned’ Dog Chasing Pickup Truck to Be Up for Adoption Soon
Article from ABC News:


The dog that went viral after it was allegedly abandoned and caught on video chasing a pickup truck down a busy highway in Slidell, Louisiana, is now in safe hands…………………continues on ABC News
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Woman accused of demanding money for dog’s return in Durham
Article from WTVD-TV:


From the social media hashtag #BringBellaBack to criminal charges, the return of a missing Maltese-poodle ends with some courtroom drama.

“It was rainy and cold. She was terrified when we brought her home,” explained Kerry Wilgen. “She just curled up on the couch and went to sleep.”

An exhausted Bella was on the move for more than a week. She traveled as far away as Charlotte, according to data on her microchip.

Bella’s owners say the person who took her personally returned the dog, but not without some encouragement.

Amanda Shamese Bynum, of Carrboro, is charged with extortion, felony conspiracy, and larceny of a dog. She allegedly contacted Bella’s family and demanded hundreds of dollars for her return.

The dog had wandered away from its yard while its owner was unloading groceries.

Eyewitnesses say a driver stopped at a nearby intersection, picked up the dog, and then drove away.

Days later, a distressed Bella could be seen wearing a dog costume inside a pet store on Bynum’s social media page, according to her owners.

It would take a Good Samaritan to ensure a happy reunion.

“She’d seen the dog twice, told the woman to bring the dog back and when she realized the dog hadn’t been brought back, she dropped off the note,” explained Wilgen.

The unidentified person left a note at a nearby church…………………continues on WTVD-TV
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10 charged in Elizabeth dog-fighting ring; 17 dogs seized, authorities say

10 charged in Elizabeth dog-fighting ring; 17 dogs seized, authorities say
Article from NJ.com:

Acting Union County Prosecutor Grace Park said 10 people were charged with operating a dog fighting operation in Elizabeth. She said 17 dogs were recovered, some injured. (NJ Advance Media file photo)

ELIZABETH — Ten people were arrested this weekend when police broke up a dog-fighting ring and found 17 dogs kept in a city home, acting Union County Prosecutor Grace Park said today.

Nine city residents and a man from Irvington were arrested Saturday night after police raided a house on Magnolia Avenue and stopped a van in traffic nearby, Park said.

The dogs were located in the home, several of them with obvious injuries and most being kept in small, dirty, steel or plastic cages, Park said. Investigators also found a treadmill allegedly used to build up the dogs’ endurance levels in preparation for fights; a dog fighting ring stained with blood; various collars, chains, and harnesses; a pellet gun, marijuana, and a stolen ATV.

The arrests resulted from a joint investigation of the prosecutor’s Guns, Gangs, Drugs, and Violent Crimes Task Force, along with the New Jersey Society for the P…………………continues on NJ.com
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Watch this very good dog learn to catch food in slow motion
Article from SB Nation:
Fritz the Dog has been practicing catching food in his mouth. It is going so bad. This video is so good.

A list of foods Fritz the Dog heroically attempted to catch

(1) A taco

(2) A piece of pizza

(3) A steak

(4) A hot dog

(5) A donut

(6) A meatball

Please, PLEASE watch the full video leave a comment telling this good dog he’s a good dog.

(via @catesish + FTW)

SB Nation archives: The best dogs in sports (2013)

…………………continues on SB Nation
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Driver who intentionally struck pregnant dog with vehicle sought

Driver who intentionally struck pregnant dog with vehicle sought
Article from KPRC Houston:

Veterinarians are working to save a dog and her six to seven unborn puppies.

Suki was hit by a car near the intersection of Vivian Road and Bentley Street, in an area off the North Freeway dubbed the “Corridor of Cruelty.” It’s an area known as a dumping ground for animals who have no owners.

Volunteers with the rescue group Corridor Rescue Inc. were in the area feeding dogs on Thursday when they said they saw cruelty at its worst.

Suki was in the street, in the path of an oncoming truck.

“The feeders were trying to tell him, ‘Please, please, slow down!,’ but he didn’t. He did the opposite,” Helle Kastrup said.

Kastrup is a volunteer with the group and said the driver of the truck sped up and intentionally ran Suki over.

“Everything was so fast,” she said. “The dog was rolling around in the street and under the truck.”

The dog is now at the Vergi Animal Emergency Hospital on the Katy Freeway getting the treatment she and her unborn puppies need.

She has a lot of visible injuries but also a lot of internal ailments. She can barely walk, let alone stand and will need surgery on her pelvis after doctors deliver her puppies via Cesarean section in about two weeks.

“She was covered in motor oil,” said Dr. Julia Spade. “She has a lot of wounds o…………………continues on KPRC Houston
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Dog rescues 2 from rip current in California
Article from WLS-TV:

VENTURA, Calif. (WLS) —

“Good dog,” is an understatement when you’re talking about this heroic pooch in California.

Nico the Bernese mountain dog saved the lives of two swimmers caught in a rip current at a Ventura, Calif. beach.

The man and woman yelled for help, and Nico splashed right in, dragging them back to safety.

The grateful swimmers asked if Nico was trained as a rescue dog. His owners say no, they’ve never seen him do anything like it.

(Copyright ©2015 WLS-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

…………………continues on WLS-TV
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Rescued Korean Meat-Farm Dogs Taken to Shelters for Adoption

Rescued Korean Meat-Farm Dogs Taken to Shelters for Adoption
Article from NBC Bay Area:


Nearly 60 dogs are recovering at the San Francisco SPCA after a long flight from South Korea. The dogs were rescued from a meat farm outside of Seoul, where dog meat is considered a delicacy. Bob Redell reports. (Published Friday, Mar 20, 2015)

Updated at 10:57 PM PDT on Friday, Mar 20, 2015

Most of the 57 dogs rescued from the butcher in South Korea are doing well at a San Francisco animal shelter and are getting ready to find new homes in the United States.

On Friday, the dogs, mostly puppies, were being sent to four adoption agencies in San Francisco, the East Bay, Marin and Sacramento. The dogs NBC Bay Area

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Woman sues dog walker who lost pit bull after ‘flipping out’
Article from New York Post:

The most hated dog walker in New York has finally been revealed.

The Manhattan man who allegedly “flipped out” last month and lost Sugar — a beloved pit bull mix who has become a social media celebrity — has been outed in court papers as Tommy Doerr, a 46-year-old East Village resident.

Bogle was in London on business when the incident took place.Photo: Chad Rachman

Devastated dog owner Morgan Bogle, 33, is suing Doerr for negligence in Manhattan Supreme Court.

She went to court against Doerr “because he refused to speak to me,” Bogle told The Post.

“I have tried to play detective for three and a half weeks, and the reality is we just don’t know” what happened to the tan-and-white, 4-year-old Sugar, said Bogle.

Bogle, a vegan fashionista, is offering a no-questions-asked $ 10,000 reward for the dog’s safe return. The dog’s missing posters seems to be papered on every pole in M…………………continues on New York Post
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New Study to Investigate Whether Dog Saliva Can Help With Allergies

New Study to Investigate Whether Dog Saliva Can Help With Allergies
Article from ABC News:


It turns out that man’s best friend might could also hold a key to lessening those pesky allergic reactions.

Researchers from the University of Arizona are launching a new study to see if ABC News
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DNA Tests Help California Shelter Speed up Dog Adoptions
Article from ABC News:

A quarter of the dogs taken in by one California animal shelter look like Chihuahuas. So how do you make a pet stand out when it’s similar to so many other dogs at the shelter? Check the DNA.

The Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA in Burlingame, a 30-minute drive south of San Francisco, began free DNA tests under the slogan “Who’s Your Daddy?” Scott Delucchi, the shelter’s senior vice president, came up with the idea to speed up adoptions of Chihuahua-centric dogs.

Because pets become part of the family, the $ 50 tests allow owners to find out the background of their pooches and certain traits they could exhibit. The tests also allow the shelter to get creative by coming up with clever breed names that can boost adoption odds.

For example, the Chihuahua-Australian shepherd-Jack Russell terrier-collie became a “Kiwi collier”; a Yorkshire terrier and beagle mix became a “Yorkle”; and a golden retriever-miniature pinscher-Chihuahua was proclaimed a “golden Chinscher.”

In February, the shelter tested 12 lookalike dogs. One of the results was inconclusive, b…………………continues on ABC News
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Video Shows Medford Man Allegedly Tossing Girlfriend’s Dog

Video Shows Medford Man Allegedly Tossing Girlfriend’s Dog
Article from Boston.com:

Boston.com Staff | 03.17.15 | 8:05 PM

A Medford man is facing three felony animal-cruelty charges after his neighbor filmed him allegedly abusing a dog on three separate occasions, according to a Medford Police statement.

Police identified Ryan Baker, 32, as the person throwing the dog in the above video, which police released Tuesday. Police also have video from the neighbor of Baker dragging the dog by its leash, punching it, and kicking it.

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The neighbor reported Baker and turned over his footage to police Sunday. Police said the dog, “Bullet,” a young, 40-pound pit bull, belongs to Baker’s girlfriend and is only at his residence on weekends. Police said the dog shows signs that it fears Baker in the videos.

Ryan Baker’s booking photo.

Medford Police Department

Baker was scheduled to be arraigned…………………continues on Boston.com

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Police Dog Bites Black Man
Article from The New Yorker:
Studies show that dogs reveal the hidden prejudices of the officers who deploy them. Credit Photograph by Scott Olson / Getty

The Department of Justice’s report on the Ferguson Police Department is full of eye-catching numbers that reveal a culture plagued by significant racism. Statistically significant. For instance, nearly ninety per cent of the people who prompted a “use of force” by the F.P.D. were black. Even among such skewed percentages, there are some standouts. Among cases in which a suspect was bitten by an attack dog and the suspect’s race was recorded, what percentage were black?

A hundred per cent.

There is little nuance in the inci…………………continues on The New Yorker
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Police Announce Arrests in Case of Dog Tied to Train Tracks

Police Announce Arrests in Case of Dog Tied to Train Tracks
Article from ABC News:

Cabela, a 1-year-old mixed breed dog who was rescued after being shot and tied to railroad tracks in Tampa, has captured a nation’s heart, while police have announced four arrests in connection with the dog’s abuse.

“Cabela was shot because she wouldn’t fight,” said Andrea Davis, a Tampa Police spokeswoman.

A photo of the bloodied dog in a police officer’s arms was widely circulated earlier this month.

Police have received thousands of messages in the case, including adoption offers, via phone calls, emails and through social media.

Cabela is being cared for at Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service. Doctors initially thought Cabela’s leg would have to be amputated, but they were able to save her leg.

Cabela will make a full recovery, Davis said.

The dog had been used for fighting and didn’t do well, officials said, and that’s why she was marked for death.

On Thursday, police said 18-year-old Darnell Devlin and 21-year-old Kenny Bell each face two counts of possession of a dogfighting dog. The arrests came after a search warrant of a home where Cabela had lived. Detectives discovered two more dogs that were used for…………………continues on ABC News
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Meet Smiley: The Adorable Therapy Dog Born Without Eyes
Article from TIME:
Blind Therapy Dog Named Smiley TIME
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