Driver who intentionally struck pregnant dog with vehicle sought

Driver who intentionally struck pregnant dog with vehicle sought
Article from KPRC Houston:

Veterinarians are working to save a dog and her six to seven unborn puppies.

Suki was hit by a car near the intersection of Vivian Road and Bentley Street, in an area off the North Freeway dubbed the “Corridor of Cruelty.” It’s an area known as a dumping ground for animals who have no owners.

Volunteers with the rescue group Corridor Rescue Inc. were in the area feeding dogs on Thursday when they said they saw cruelty at its worst.

Suki was in the street, in the path of an oncoming truck.

“The feeders were trying to tell him, ‘Please, please, slow down!,’ but he didn’t. He did the opposite,” Helle Kastrup said.

Kastrup is a volunteer with the group and said the driver of the truck sped up and intentionally ran Suki over.

“Everything was so fast,” she said. “The dog was rolling around in the street and under the truck.”

The dog is now at the Vergi Animal Emergency Hospital on the Katy Freeway getting the treatment she and her unborn puppies need.

She has a lot of visible injuries but also a lot of internal ailments. She can barely walk, let alone stand and will need surgery on her pelvis after doctors deliver her puppies via Cesarean section in about two weeks.

“She was covered in motor oil,” said Dr. Julia Spade. “She has a lot of wounds o…………………continues on KPRC Houston
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Dog rescues 2 from rip current in California
Article from WLS-TV:

VENTURA, Calif. (WLS) —

“Good dog,” is an understatement when you’re talking about this heroic pooch in California.

Nico the Bernese mountain dog saved the lives of two swimmers caught in a rip current at a Ventura, Calif. beach.

The man and woman yelled for help, and Nico splashed right in, dragging them back to safety.

The grateful swimmers asked if Nico was trained as a rescue dog. His owners say no, they’ve never seen him do anything like it.

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