‘Abandoned’ Dog Chasing Pickup Truck to Be Up for Adoption Soon

‘Abandoned’ Dog Chasing Pickup Truck to Be Up for Adoption Soon
Article from ABC News:


The dog that went viral after it was allegedly abandoned and caught on video chasing a pickup truck down a busy highway in Slidell, Louisiana, is now in safe hands…………………continues on ABC News
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Woman accused of demanding money for dog’s return in Durham
Article from WTVD-TV:


From the social media hashtag #BringBellaBack to criminal charges, the return of a missing Maltese-poodle ends with some courtroom drama.

“It was rainy and cold. She was terrified when we brought her home,” explained Kerry Wilgen. “She just curled up on the couch and went to sleep.”

An exhausted Bella was on the move for more than a week. She traveled as far away as Charlotte, according to data on her microchip.

Bella’s owners say the person who took her personally returned the dog, but not without some encouragement.

Amanda Shamese Bynum, of Carrboro, is charged with extortion, felony conspiracy, and larceny of a dog. She allegedly contacted Bella’s family and demanded hundreds of dollars for her return.

The dog had wandered away from its yard while its owner was unloading groceries.

Eyewitnesses say a driver stopped at a nearby intersection, picked up the dog, and then drove away.

Days later, a distressed Bella could be seen wearing a dog costume inside a pet store on Bynum’s social media page, according to her owners.

It would take a Good Samaritan to ensure a happy reunion.

“She’d seen the dog twice, told the woman to bring the dog back and when she realized the dog hadn’t been brought back, she dropped off the note,” explained Wilgen.

The unidentified person left a note at a nearby church…………………continues on WTVD-TV
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Dog Abandoned at Scotland Train Station with Suitcase | The Weather Channel

Dog Abandoned at Scotland Train Station with Suitcase | The Weather Channel
Article from The Weather Channel:

Earlier this month, United Airlines suffered a public relations nightmare when a photo of a dog left on a rainy tarmac exploded onto Twitter. Now, a new photo has surfaced, leaving animal lovers furious.

The dog may look dry and safe, yet investigators say it was found abandoned at Ayr railway station in Scotland. The male shar-pei crossbreed was stranded with a suitcase filled with his belongings, according to a Scottish SPCA press release. The suitcase contained a bowl, food, a toy and a pillow. 

Investigators were able to identify the dog using a microchip, “The dog is microchipped, and we were able to find out his name is Kai,” SPCA inspector Stewart Taylor reported. 

(MORE: United Airlines Takes Heat After Photo Shows Dog on Rainy Tarmac at Houston Airport)continues on The Weather Channel
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How to keep dogs healthy and happy during extreme cold and snow
Article from Minnesota Public Radio News:

This week’s cold weather isn’t just challenging for people. Dogs accustomed to blowing off steam in the backyard are now penned up inside — driving their owners bonkers.

We talked to some dog experts around the state, who gave us their best advice on how to keep dogs happy and healthy during this rough weather.

To persuade reluctant dogs to go outside at all, Maureen Haggerty, owner of The Canine Coach in Minneapolis, recommends making the yard slightly more comfortable for dogs to find a place that is sheltered from the wind. An area between a shrub and a house can be perfect for smaller dogs.

“Most dog owners, if they do have a yard, they do shovel a path, because some dogs don’t like to squat and then feel the snow,” Haggerty said.

For those who still want to take their dogs along for outdoor activities in the winter, dog experts recommend checking with your veterinarian to see if your dog can handle extended treks in cold weather.

Different breeds will deal differently with the cold. A husky is made for cold weather, although even a husky can get frostbite or otherwise injured when temperatures drop very low. But short-haired dogs, like Haggerty’s Dobermans, have mor…………………continues on Minnesota Public Radio News
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Officers come to rescue of dog found abandoned, tied to sign on Bronx street

Officers come to rescue of dog found abandoned, tied to sign on Bronx street
Article from WABC-TV:


Police are searching for the person who abandoned a dog on a street in the Bronx.

A warning before you watch the video: Some may find the video of the dog disturbing.

He was found tied to a street sign. And it was bad enough that someone had abandoned this dog, but wrapped so tight around his nose was a muzzle, cutting off his circulation.

“We called the cops. He was bleeding. I never expected someone to be that cruel to an animal,” said a woman named Alice, who didn’t want to be otherwise identified or appear on camera.

She was able to take video of NYPD officers who came to the rescue and began to cut away the choking muzzle.

“You’re a good dog. You’re so good. You’re a good boy,” said a woman named Shawnee, who talked to him as others tried to keep him calm while an officer worked to cut away the muzzle.

“He was so sweet. He was so loving. He wasn’t like, angry about what was happening to him. He just wanted relief,” Shawnee said.

“It looked like he had a tough time trying to cut the dog free?”, we asked. “Yes, he had a tough time. He was there like five minutes or so,” said Alice.

They even needed something sharper that still wouldn’t injure the dog. They got the first piece, then the second.

Injured, but now relieved to be free, the dog never showed any signs of aggression or fear. Sha…………………continues on WABC-TV
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SEE IT: Houston family rescues dog with jug stuck on head
Article from New York Daily News:

click2houston A Houston family rescued a stray dog that had a plastic jug stuck on his head. click2houston The family shot a video of them carefully removing the jug with a pair of scissors. click2houston ‘He’s a cutie!’ her son exclaimed when he finally got a clear look at the animal’s face.

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This dog was a real jughead.

A Houston family rescued a stray dog that was seen roaming their property for months with a plastic jug on his head.

Audra Bohannon told TV Station KPRC they believe the 5-month-old German Shepherd placed his head into the container used as a pet feeder trying to get some food. The resident said she felt guilty every time she saw him because she believed the jug came from her barn.

“Every night I went to bed thi…………………continues on New York Daily News
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Dolly Parton Promises to Adopt Namesake Dog Abandoned at Glastonbury …

Dolly Parton Promises to Adopt Namesake Dog Abandoned at Glastonbury …
Article from People Magazine:

UPDATED 07/08/2014 at 10:40 AM EDT Originally published 07/07/2014 at 01:30 PM EDT

Dolly Parton

Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

Dolly Parton was feeling “saxy” at Glastonbury, and now a dog rescued at the music festival has captured her heart.

The country queen has promised to adopt a fluffy white lurcher – now also named “Dolly” – found alone in a tent after the British concert series last week.

“Heard about the abandoned dog at @GlastoFest? If nobody claims her, I’ll take her home to America! Ain’t she cute :)” Parton, 68, People Magazine

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South Carolina toddler and dog get locked in hot car, die
Article from CBS News:

BUFORD, S.C. — A 3-year-old northern South Carolina boy has died several days after being locked in a hot car for a time.

Officials say Logan Cox died Sunday morning at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Lancaster County Coroner Mike Morris says the North Carolina Medical Examiner’s Office in Charlotte hasn’t determined the cause of the boy’s death.

The Lancaster County sheriff’s office says Logan suffered severe heat stroke last Wednesday after he climbed into a car with his dog at the family’s home in Buford and became trapped.

Deputies said it appeared the boy left the home without his mother’s knowledge. Authorities don’t know how long the boy had been in the car before he was found. The dog also died, the boy’s grandfather told USA Today.

No charges have been filed, CBS affiliate WBTV reports.

Sunday night, WBTV spoke to Logan’s mother, Amber Cox, who said her son always wanted to…………………continues on CBS News
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