DOG JUDGMENT: Show me your dog and I will rate it between 1 and 10

DOG JUDGMENT: Show me your dog and I will rate it between 1 and 10
Article from SB Nation:

2/10, would not pet – Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Dogs are great! Some dogs, however, are better than others. Let SB Nation’s preeminent dog expert rate your dog in the comments below.

I love dogs. From the Westminster Dog Show to a sled dog nursery in the wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the strays of Baghdad, I have befriended thousands of dogs, almost all of whom were more likable than the average human. I have lived with dogs in my home for most of my life — large and small, mutt and purebred. Dogs are the best!

I would like to rate your dog on a 10-point scale. In the comments below, please leave the following:

  1. Your dog’s name;
  2. A photo of your dog OR a brief description that includes breed and size;
  3. Your dog’s strengths (“Rarely barks; expressive and velvety ears, etc.”);
  4. Your dog’s weaknesses (“Seeks out the mud puddles, really bad farts, is kind of racist, etc.”).

To give you a better understanding of what pain or reward DOG JUDGMENT may bring you, here are some of the dogs I have lived with during my life and the scores I would give them:

  • Stella (Rottweiler mix): 9.5
  • Gizmo (corgi): 8.5
  • Bill (a st…………………continues on SB Nation

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‘Buddy’ Is a Smart Collar That Keeps Your Dog Safe, Fit, and Stylish
Article from Yahoo Tech:

Believe it or not, smart dog collars are a thing. Yep, soon Fido will be nearly as connected as you are. Take the Buddy collar by Squeaker, for example.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, this ambitious doggy wearable is designed to keep your pet safe, healthy, and active — and add a little bit of style — all in one device.

To prevent your pooch from developing a paunch, Buddy tracks your pup’s activity throughout the day. The data collected and displayed on Buddy’s connected Android or iOS app includes how many steps your dog has taken, how far it’s walked, and the number of stairs climbed. So if your pet is starting to get a bit of wide load, you can figure out how much more activity it should get each day.

The Buddy app also lets you add the type of foo…………………continues on Yahoo Tech
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Brain Scans Show Striking Similarities Between Dogs and Humans

Brain Scans Show Striking Similarities Between Dogs and Humans
Article from Wired:

A new brain-imaging study of mankind’s best friend has found a striking similarity in how humans and dogs — and perhaps many other mammals — process voice and emotion.

Like humans, dogs appear to possess brain systems that are devoted to making sense of vocal sounds, and are sensitive to their emotional content. These systems have not previously been described in dogs or any non-primate species, and the new findings offer an intriguing neurobiological glimpse into the richness of our particular corner of the animal kingdom.

“What makes us really excited now is that we’ve discovered these voice areas in the dog brain,” said comparative ethologist Attila Andics of Hungary’s Eötvös Loránd University, lead author of the Feb. 20 Current Biology paper describing the experiments. “It’s not only dogs and humans. We probably share thi…………………continues on Wired
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These awards are going to the dog writers
Article from Los Angeles Times:
NEW YORK — This was the dog writers’ biggest night.

The only things missing were the red carpet and interminable speeches.

And the dogs.

But they were there in spirit at the recent awards ceremony of the Dog Writers Assn. of America, which each year honors the men and women who write about man’s best friend.

“This is our version of the Emmys, the Grammys and the Academy Awards,” member and past award-winner Mary R. Burch said as she opened the evening at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

For the next three hours, more than 50 medallions, cash prizes and a trophy with a blue bone attached were handed out in a variety of categories, from droll (“Dogs vs. Cats: 10 Reasons Puppies Are Better”) to dry (“Dachshund DNA Samples Help Advance Understanding About Hemangiosarcoma”), underscoring what dog writers say is the broad range of their craft.

“People who are not in and of the dog world think, ‘Dog writers. What do they know?'” said Terry Cardillino, former editor of Ruff Drafts, the group’s quarterly newsletter, and of the Courier, the official magazine of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. “Peopl…………………continues on Los Angeles Times

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