Officer shoots dog near elementary school

Officer shoots dog near elementary school
Article from WJXT Jacksonville:

A dog that had been roaming near Crystal Springs Elementary School on Friday was shot by a police officer at a home near the school, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Administrators at the Westside school on Hammond Boulevard called police about the dog, a pit bull, which had gotten loose from its home on Crystal Springs Road and was seen near the school bus stop.

The officers responding to the call found the dog and kept an eye on it while they waited for animal control to arrive. The dog walked down the sidewalk, and they followed it to its home.

When officers tried to approach the dog near the back fence, the dog turned and attempted to bite one officer’s hand.

“The officer took one step back, drew his service weapon, fired one round in a downward direction and apparently shot the dog in the upper jaw,” JSO Lt. Richard Elkins said. “The dog ceased the attack at that point in time (and) the officers withdrew.”

The owner of the dog is wondering why her dog had to be shot in the first place.

Susan Smith describes her pit bull as a big gray baby.

“He’s a big baby. A big baby. He thinks he’s about 5 pounds,” said Smith.

Brutus, 7, may not be small, but Smith said he’s never gotten out and never hurt anyone, whic…………………continues on WJXT Jacksonville
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A child and an adult who suffered dog-bite wounds were both taken to the hospital
Article from Sun Sentinel:

When a dog pounced on a boy and began biting him, the child’s relatives and a neighbor rushed to the boy’s aid, witnesses say.

They beat the dog with a skateboard, broom and belt — anything they could find — to stop the animal Saturday afternoon. Yet the canine was difficult to fend off. The attack sent the boy and an adult relative, both of whom suffered bite wounds, to the hospital.

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