DOG JUDGMENT: Show me your dog and I will rate it between 1 and 10

DOG JUDGMENT: Show me your dog and I will rate it between 1 and 10
Article from SB Nation:

2/10, would not pet – Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Dogs are great! Some dogs, however, are better than others. Let SB Nation’s preeminent dog expert rate your dog in the comments below.

I love dogs. From the Westminster Dog Show to a sled dog nursery in the wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the strays of Baghdad, I have befriended thousands of dogs, almost all of whom were more likable than the average human. I have lived with dogs in my home for most of my life — large and small, mutt and purebred. Dogs are the best!

I would like to rate your dog on a 10-point scale. In the comments below, please leave the following:

  1. Your dog’s name;
  2. A photo of your dog OR a brief description that includes breed and size;
  3. Your dog’s strengths (“Rarely barks; expressive and velvety ears, etc.”);
  4. Your dog’s weaknesses (“Seeks out the mud puddles, really bad farts, is kind of racist, etc.”).

To give you a better understanding of what pain or reward DOG JUDGMENT may bring you, here are some of the dogs I have lived with during my life and the scores I would give them:

  • Stella (Rottweiler mix): 9.5
  • Gizmo (corgi): 8.5
  • Bill (a st…………………continues on SB Nation

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‘Buddy’ Is a Smart Collar That Keeps Your Dog Safe, Fit, and Stylish
Article from Yahoo Tech:

Believe it or not, smart dog collars are a thing. Yep, soon Fido will be nearly as connected as you are. Take the Buddy collar by Squeaker, for example.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, this ambitious doggy wearable is designed to keep your pet safe, healthy, and active — and add a little bit of style — all in one device.

To prevent your pooch from developing a paunch, Buddy tracks your pup’s activity throughout the day. The data collected and displayed on Buddy’s connected Android or iOS app includes how many steps your dog has taken, how far it’s walked, and the number of stairs climbed. So if your pet is starting to get a bit of wide load, you can figure out how much more activity it should get each day.

The Buddy app also lets you add the type of foo…………………continues on Yahoo Tech
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Westminster Kennel Club Show: Top 5 Dogs to Look Out For

Westminster Kennel Club Show: Top 5 Dogs to Look Out For
Article from ABC News:

It’s going to be dog-eat-dog at Madison Square Garden today, where more than 2,711 dogs representing 192 breeds and varieties will be competing for various awards at the Westminster Kennel Club Show. But only one pooch will win the top honor, Best in Show, Tuesday night.

That special canine won’t be winning any prize money, but there’s rich breeding potential and a lifetime of prestige that comes with the title.

Dog Lovers All Over World Log in to Watch Westminster Show
Dogs Ready to Have Their Day and Nights at Westminster
ABC News

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Was dog mauling in Metamora murder?
Article from Detroit Free Press:
By L.L. Brasier, Detroit Free Press 9:30 a.m. EST February 16, 2015

Detroit Free Press

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Top 5 rarest breeds at Rose City Classic dog show (photos)

Top 5 rarest breeds at Rose City Classic dog show (photos)
Article from

Of the 3,000 dogs featured at the Rose City Classic dog show, about 1/3 of the 175 breeds represented are considered rare, according to Patti Strand, organizer of the event.

Several of the rare breeds featured at the show are considered among breeders to be endangered, according to Strand. Breeds that lose their historic role are especially vulnerable, she said. “The fate of these breeds is in the hands of a small number of very dedicated breeders.”

These are the top five most rare breeds represented at the show, according to Strand:

1. Skye Terrier. Rush, the Skye Terrier who came to compete at the show, was automatically named best in his breed because, as its sole representative, he had no other competition. The breed originated off the west coast of Scotland, according to the American Kennel Club website. Queen Victoria had a thing for the breed, according to the site, which made them a popular pet in the 19th century.

2. Sussex Spaniel. There were only…………………continues on
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Dog saves another dog drowning in icy waters in Iowa
Article from KABC-TV:


Quick thinking and fast feet saved the life of a dog that nearly drowned after falling through thin ice in Iowa. But it wasn’t just humans responsible for rescuing the ailing pup, it was another dog.

“It was wore out. He didn’t have much longer,” said Matt Stark, who was on the rescue boat in Andalusia.

The black Labrador had fallen through the ice and into a water treatment plant. His fellow canine started barking to get someone’s attention.

Joe Dungan had just returned from lunch.

“The one black dog was running around and tried to get my attention. I think he was trying to tell me he was saving his friend. I looked over in this hole over here and the other dog was in the water trying to get out,” said Dungan, who called 911.

Rescuers pulled the struggling dog to safety and wrapped it in wool. Both dogs wore collars, but did not have tags, animal control officials said.

“Its a good thing that we got to him when we did,” said Byron Reynolds with animal control.

“Lucky dog. Maybe that’s his name,” Reynolds added.

(Copyright ©2015 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

…………………continues on KABC-TV
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Brain Scans Show Striking Similarities Between Dogs and Humans

Brain Scans Show Striking Similarities Between Dogs and Humans
Article from Wired:

A new brain-imaging study of mankind’s best friend has found a striking similarity in how humans and dogs — and perhaps many other mammals — process voice and emotion.

Like humans, dogs appear to possess brain systems that are devoted to making sense of vocal sounds, and are sensitive to their emotional content. These systems have not previously been described in dogs or any non-primate species, and the new findings offer an intriguing neurobiological glimpse into the richness of our particular corner of the animal kingdom.

“What makes us really excited now is that we’ve discovered these voice areas in the dog brain,” said comparative ethologist Attila Andics of Hungary’s Eötvös Loránd University, lead author of the Feb. 20 Current Biology paper describing the experiments. “It’s not only dogs and humans. We probably share thi…………………continues on Wired
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These awards are going to the dog writers
Article from Los Angeles Times:
NEW YORK — This was the dog writers’ biggest night.

The only things missing were the red carpet and interminable speeches.

And the dogs.

But they were there in spirit at the recent awards ceremony of the Dog Writers Assn. of America, which each year honors the men and women who write about man’s best friend.

“This is our version of the Emmys, the Grammys and the Academy Awards,” member and past award-winner Mary R. Burch said as she opened the evening at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

For the next three hours, more than 50 medallions, cash prizes and a trophy with a blue bone attached were handed out in a variety of categories, from droll (“Dogs vs. Cats: 10 Reasons Puppies Are Better”) to dry (“Dachshund DNA Samples Help Advance Understanding About Hemangiosarcoma”), underscoring what dog writers say is the broad range of their craft.

“People who are not in and of the dog world think, ‘Dog writers. What do they know?'” said Terry Cardillino, former editor of Ruff Drafts, the group’s quarterly newsletter, and of the Courier, the official magazine of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. “Peopl…………………continues on Los Angeles Times

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The Sochi Report: U.S. Olympic Athletes Saving Sochi Stray Dogs
Sochi's stray dog problem became national news when the furry animals began dropping like flies in the street. To deal with its stray dog problem ahead of its Winter Olympics, Sochi began poisoning the animals that saturate the Black Sea resort town …
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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Here’s what happened

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Here’s what happened
Article from Entertainment Weekly:

Welcome to the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at none other than the splashiest venue, Madison Square Garden. What an amazing night of shiny pups, showy handlers, and some stellar announcing. I should state upfront that my only knowledge of dog shows comes from Best In Show, the Christopher Guest mock-umentary that now seems like much less of a mocku and more of a docu.

For some background, America’s Dog Show extended its standing as the second-longest continuously held sporting event in this country, a streak that began in 1877. This year’s event drew an entry of 2,845 dogs. We experienced a real national treasure here.

Let’s meet our cast of characters. First and foremost, we have the illustrious Michael LaFave acting as the announcer, a position that he has held since 2001. It is Mike MyFave’s seasoned talent that makes this show especially enjoyable. He’s dressed in black tie just like the judges, as is befitting for America’s Dog Show. The two commentators are NBC correspondent Erica Hill and David Frei, the communications director of the Westminster Kennel Club.

After a vigorous performance from the Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem, we jump right into the competition. This was the closing night of the dog show, so there are only 90 dogs and three categories left to judge: sporting,…………………continues on Entertainment Weekly
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Filer Police show video of officer killing dog
Article from KBOI-TV:
Filer Police show video of officer killing dog | Local & Regional | Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Idaho News, Weather, Sports and Breaking News – KBOI 2 KBOI-TV
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Dog attack: 70-year-old woman hospitalized
According to police, Ophelia Perez was walking her small dog around 5:30 p.m. on Efird Street when another dog charged at them. A neighbor's 3-year-old husky had gotten out of the backyard. It ran straight for Perez's small dog. According to police …
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Westminster dog show opens to-gasp!-mutts

Westminster dog show opens to-gasp!-mutts
Article from

Agility is also an event that exhibits some clear cultural differences with conformation, said Stacey Campbell, owner of Roo!—the exclamation point is part of the name—a mixed-breed dog that will be one of 225 canines competing in the agility portion at Westminster.

“I tend to think agility is a little more laid back than conformation,” said Campbell. “It’s a totally different show.”

While agility is designed to be inclusive of any dog that can run and jump, conformation dog owners, said Westminster judge Dougherty, tend to take pride in their dogs’ exclusiveness.

“There’s a little amount of snob appeal,” said Dougherty. “And part of that is rightly so, because generations of people have worked very hard to maintain the purity and level of consistency in the breed.”

(Read more: Woof! Start-up DogVacay tackles $ 11 billion market)

Then, of course, there is the difference in costs involved. Agility dogs are expensive to train and show, but they’re nowhere near as costly to manage as conformation dogs.

“I don’t even want to know how much I spend,” said Aryn Hervel, owner of Crush, another mixed-breed agilit…………………continues on
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Taliban: Dog POW demands the best food, bed
Article from New York Post:

This ain’t no scrap-eating, junkyard dog.

The NATO military dog captured by the Taliban in a fierce firefight won’t eat the gruel that local Afghan mutts wolf down.

So his captors have had to cook up a human diet of chicken and beef kebabs for the reddish-brown Belgian Malinois, the terror group said Friday.

And unlike local dogs who will sleep anywhere, the Taliban had to find blankets for their prized catch.

The pooch has been named DaGarwal — meaning “colonel” in the Pashto language — and his new owners are thinking about turning him against his former masters.

“It’s always possible that we could use the dog, since it has been trained,” said Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid.

Or they might work out an exchange of POWs. “If someone offers a trade for it then we can think about that,” Mujahid said.

The dog went missing after a Dec. 23 bid by coalition forces to drive the insurgents out of Alingar Valley in Afghanistan’s eastern Laghman province.

But his plight became public on Thursday when the Taliban posted a propaganda video on Twitter showing the mournful-looking Malinois surrounded by five fighters carrying guns and grenades.

They said…………………continues on New York Post
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Decomposing dog led to arrest of Norwich woman
Norwich — A Norwich woman appeared in court this week in an animal cruelty case stemming from the discovery of the decomposing body of a dog amid squalor in a room at her Norwich apartment. Norwich Animal Control Officer Donna Gremminger found …